Our mission

Ruan Life Sciences Pvt Ltd is collaborating its combined efforts to get in the coveted top pharmaceutical companies of India by 2022. Ruan Life Sciences Pvt Ltd wishes to achieve this milestone through organic growth as well as its affiliations with international associations, partnerships and strategic alliances.

• To establish Ruan Life Sciences Pvt Ltd as an innovator company
• To drive growth through quality and innovation in products and services
• To encourage decision making ability at all levels of the organization
• To create intellectual property wealth of USD 1 billion
• To ensure the commercialization of intellectual property rights of the Company worldwide
• To ensure our presence in 50 countries
• To contribute whole heartedly towards the environment and society integrating all our stakeholders into the Ruan family
• To effectively manage talents by building a learning organization
• To strengthen and foster in the employees, strong emotive feelings of oneness with the company through commitment to their future
• To achieve new heights through the creation of Ruan Industrial Complex
• To develop and sustain a highly motivated and empowered team for the realization of our dream of a self progressive society
• To be a globally admired pharmaceutical company for world-class quality and innovation
• To uphold the principles of corporate governance

We will fulfill our mission by:
• Our determined commitment to our values in integrity, transparency and responsible corporate citizenship along all facets of our value chain
• A continuous focus on achieving excellence and leadership through the highest standards of quality across all functions of our organization
• Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all personnel and maintaining harmony with the natural environment
• Recruiting, training and retain the highest caliber of professionals in the industry
• To ensure the well being of the community by effectively fulfilling social responsibilities.

We would strive
• To be part of every household in the country
• To be a major player in every product category we venture into
• To be one of the most respected marketer in the country
• To be recognized as a global brand

Company’s core values
• Commitment & Loyalty to institutional values and principles
• Integrity
• Customer Orientation
• Leadership and Innovation
• Attention to detail
• Teamwork & Team Environment
• Simple living, High thinking
• Social Responsibility
• Environmental Safety