Starting as a Research Center has proved as a blessing in disguise for Ruan.

 The years spent as a research center went a long way in choosing the right areas to enter for manufacturing, establishing processes that were mature and ensuring that the guidelines expected for manufacturing quality products were complied with.

The Company Infrastructure consists of four manufacturing facilities for Uncoated tablets, Dispersible tablets, Effervescent tablets, Chewable Tablets and Capsules. And Various types of modified release products: sustained release tablets & capsules, extended release tablets & capsules, controlled release tablets & capsules, film coated tablets including stomach-soluble film coated, intestine-soluble film (Enteric coated), Oral Suspension Insty, Powder for suspension, Powder for injection, Solution for injection, Lyophilized Injections, Ointments- Cream, Gel, Suppositories, Vaginal pesseries - Vaginal Tablets, Syrup, Suger free syrup, Oral Drops, Sachets, Soluble tea, Medicated Lozenges, Medicated Granules, oral rapid films and transdermal patchs. 

In our product basket, we have Eye drops, Ear drops, Nasal drops, Nasal spray and Inhalers which we manufacture under contract.
We also manufacture under contract Herbal tea, Herbal Capsules, Herbal Tablets, Herbal syrup and Herbal Lozenges.

We have made provisions in the facilities for suitable environment with controlled temperature and humidity conditions.
• Innovative Machineries with latest technology
• Excellent Air Controls with humidity check to carter the critical needs of all kinds of products
• Water system as per the latest guidelines given by WHO
• Excellent ware housing for all types of raw and packing materials
• Well equipped QC with experienced team. QC team has separate area for instrumental analysis,
• Unit having huge manufacturing capacity
• Strong base for Research and Development
• Inhouse experience regulatory team


- Mechanical Sifter
- Communiting mill
- Drum Blender
- Jacketed Planetary Mixer
- Rapid Mixer & Granulators
- Fluid Bed Dryers
- Turbo Sifters
- Compression Machines
- Coaters
- Blister Packing Machine
- Strip Pack Machine
- Carton Printing Machine
- Cap. Filling & Sealing Machine
- Fully automated Liquid line
- Many others.

There are 26 AHUs and 3 forced air ventilation units. The design criteria are followed as per the Base Line ISPE guidelines.

The core area corridor is maintained under positive air pressure against the processing area

Separate AHU, with terminal HEPA filters, are installed at each processing areas with 4 stages of air filtration (10μ, 3μ, 0.3μ HEPA and return through 20μ) designed to have sufficient (not less than 30) air-changes with 10%fresh air intake. Class 100 000 is maintained for the processing areas. Other areas like secondary packing, RM/PM/FG stores are unclassified with air-conditioning.

All general processing areas are designed to maintain the room temperature of 18 to 25˚C and maximum RH of 50%. Specific processing areas are designed to maintain the room temperature of 18 to 25˚C and maximum RH of 25%, for handling moisture-sensitive products.

The main source of water is ground water from bore wells.

This raw water is dosed with chlorine then passed through pressurized multi-grade sand-filters, carbon filter and ion-exchange softeners, rendering it softened water.

The softened water is then subjected to secondary treatment using Reverse Osmosis (RO) and then treated in Mixed bed ion exchange systems and UV-treated to produce Purified Water of IP/BP quality.

Purified Water is stored in SS 316 storage tank and continuously circulated through a loop system with four sampling and user points in the processing area.

The storage tank and distribution pipelines (loop system) are sanitized using hot purified water.

COMPRESSED AIR: One air compressor of 209 CFM is installed in the utility block which generates moisture and oil free air. This compressed air is stored in a receiver tank and gets distributed at 6 kg/cm2 pressure at the user points.

PLANT STEAM: One boiler (1500 kg per hour) is provided in the utility block and the steam produced is utilized for secondary use only in dehumidification, hot water generation, FBD drying and in coating operations.

EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT: An ETP Plant is functional complying to the local Pollution Control Board norms.

We, at RUAN LIFE SCIENCES, are committed to QUALITY in our Operations and Systems. It is our endeavour to maintain and further improve our systems on continuous basis as per cGMP requirements and ensure elimination of quality failure risks and produce consistently QUALITY PRODUCTS.


Injections Dry 50 million
Injections Liquid 90 million
Injections Hormonal 10 million
Eye / Ear / Nasal Drops 50 million
Dry Powders 30 million
Tablets 1200 million
Capsules 900 million
Liquid Orals 80 million
Sachets 35 million
Pellets 525 million
Veterinary 300 million
Nutraceuticals 30 million
Cosmetics 75 million


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